CGI 3D Animated Short: Let''s Make It Happen'' - by ZEILT Productions

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TheCGBros Presents "LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN" Elisa, 10, decides to make a paper bird. She throws it from her window, it flies through the window of her Luthier neighbor. He picks it up and decides to help, adding wooden components and mechanical parts to the bird and releases it. The new and improved bird flies through Luxembourg landscapes, forests, vines, and industries. The mechanisms stop, the bird glides into a laboratory and is caught by a team of scientists and engineers. They add photovoltaic wings, metal, and wires, and put the bird on the window sill. When the sun starts shining, the bird comes to life and flies through the city. It catches up to Elisa then flies away. Elisa runs after it, but it soars higher and farther, then lands on an X, Luxembourg’s new symbol. Elisa picks up the bird and is met by everyone who helped with its creation. The population joins them.

In 2014, the Inspiring Luxembourg Committee launched a Nation Branding process to reinforce the image of an open-minded, dynamic and reliable country. The centerpiece of the marketing campaign is a 2-minute animated short film created by Oscar-winning director Laurent Witz. The short film is, in fact, the illustration of an idea symbolized by a bird. Through the film, the bird evolves and grows thanks to the efforts and collaboration of a multitude of people gathered around authentic, inspiring and common values.

The film took shape thanks to a joint effort and the collaboration of many talents, thus paralleling the way the bird evolved in the film. Luxembourg: Let’s make it happen!

Commissioning: The Inspiring Luxembourg Committee
Production: ZEILT productions
Director: Laurent Witz
Assistant Director - CG: Jacopo Armani
Assistant Directors – Live: Julien Becker, Gwenaël François
Director of Photography: Julien Becker
Technical director: Maxence Hammen, Rémi Bruschini
Lead modeling-characters / Lead Animation: Ghayth Chegaar
Lead Blendshapes: Jin Kabore
Animation supervisor: Carlo Vogele
Music: LEITMOTION, Olivier Defradat, Clément Osmont, with the participation of AIVA
Principal conductor: Florian Krumpöck
Orchestra: Orchestre de Chambre du Luxembourg
Sound recording: Maurice Barnich
Pianist: Jean Muller

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